Monday, 25 April 2016

40kBrawl! Video Battle Report Riptide Wing / Imperial Knights Vs. Iron Hands / Angels of Death 1850

Hi folks,

40kBrawl here to share a new video battle report with the gaming community, making use of the new physic powers & detachment rules found in the Angels of Death supplement for Spaces Marines.

1850pts Riptide Wing/ Cerastus Knights Vs Iron Hands Sons of Medusa detachment / Ultramarines Librarius Conclave.

Please enjoy!

Sunday, 3 April 2016

40kBrawl! Warhammer 30k Video Battle Report- Iron Hands Vs. Dark Mechanicum

Afternoon all,

hope you're having good weekends! Another 30k batrep using mission number 3 from the 40kBrawl! Presents Summer Slam coming up in August.

Rematch of the Iron Hands Vs. Dark Mechanicum. This time trying out Anarchis Scoria, Artalax & the Lightning Strike Fighter .

FYI: We noticed that after filming the lightning goes really dark when the camera pans away from the table, So sorry about this! We'll make sure we film away from the window next time.

Rules pack for Summer Slam;


Saturday, 2 April 2016

Painted Voss Lightning Fighter!

A quick showcase of the Voss Pattern Lightning Fighter for my Dark Mechanicum I painted up today, trying out the pre shade/highlighting technique with the airbrush for the first time. Really chuffed with how its come out so felt it was worth a share. Maybe tomorrow I will get some better snaps of it in action vs. some iron hands....

Most of my Mechanicum are grimy, oily and all kinds of metallic shades so to make the fighter pop, I went for the weathered Kalabite Green I did my Sons of Horus in. Incase you're interested in pre shading and/or highlighting and are not familiar with the process, it is essentially this;

Step 1. Prime model in dark base coat. (in this case I primed in black)
Step 2. Highlight with medium to light grey using an airbrush. Make sure to leave black in the areas that you want to show darker. ( the lighter it is, the bigger the contrast)
Step 3. Cover the model in your chosen shade of colour -again using an airbrush. Once covered, you should notice various shades where the paint is going over the greys and the blacks.

Once done, finish the model! I've chosen ( as always) to batter my fighter to hell and back. Weathered using Pigment powders from ForgeWorld, sponge weathering & gloss varnish to create the effect of rain.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

40kBrawl! Warhammer 30k 2500pt Video Battle Report World Eaters VS Mechanicum

Afternoon guys!

Our second 30k battle report on the channel with Adam W. & his World Eaters! Lists are in the video & Missions are from the Summer Slam rules pack, versions 1.21 linked below;  If you're local to the south of England or just near by in August, feel free to come along!

email me at to sign up!

Please enjoy :) 

Saturday, 5 March 2016

40kBrawl! Warhammer 40k 1500pts Video Battle Report Eldar Vs Iron Hands

Following on from their earlier defeat against the war convocation, the Iron Hands take for revenge against the Eldar/ Riptide Wing.

Please enjoy!

Monday, 29 February 2016

40kBrawl! Warhammer 40k Video Battle Report War Convocation Vs Iron Hands

Hello guys, hope you're all doing well for a Monday. ( don't worry, we're all in it together.) To make that start to the week a little more bearable heres a  1500 point 40k batrep to get you going.
Iron Hands Vs War Convocation. 

Please enjoy! 

Sunday, 31 January 2016

40kBrawl! Video Battle Report Tau / Eldar vs Imperial Knights/ Mechanicus

Good morning everybody, I hope you're all enjoying your Sundays so far. I am, however I am currently neck deep in house chores, but who cares about that - right?

We have for you today a1500pts match up of Eldar / Riptide Wing Vs. Cult Mechanicus / Oathsworn Detachement / White Scars Delivery service. 

Lists are abusive as usual so viewers discretion is advised!

Thanks for tuning in :) 

Current Rulespack for the 2015/2016 GT.